Chiropractic Care for the Whole Family

“Let’s point out the obvious first:

First of all, Dr. Taglio and I are cousins.

Before you jump to conclusions that this is a relative giving an over the top review as a favor to family,
please, give this a read first.

My youngest son (Brock) is very talented athletically. Whatever he puts his mind to, he can accomplish athletically. He has been enjoying some really great games/seasons with his soccer teams 

(Loomis Revolution club soccer, and Del Oro playing varsity as a sophomore), and starting to learn to play the game of volleyball very well.

In soccer, he was simply a force. Not the only force, as he plays with many equally talented players, but he was definitely a force that could dominate his position on the field. And in life in general. A great attitude, very positive, and doing exceptionally well in school.

And then, it all came to an abrupt end. How abrupt? Overnight. In October of 2013, my son, Brock was playing in the last Del Oro varsity soccer home game of the season, with two more away games to end the season. After the last home game, Brock never returned to school, and rarely made it out of bed. He experienced all of the following:-intense migraine headaches

-intense muscle and joint pain
-numbness in lower legs and at times reported that he could not feel his legs.

He missed the complete remainder of the fall school schedule never returning once to school.

As a parent, you can relate to what that would do to your world…having your son or daughter going through this kind of experience, and not seeing any improvement, period. We literally saw our son’s physical, mental, and spiritual health declining rapidly before us.

We got the MRI. Negative. We got the CatScan. Negative. We got the drugs…brutal, which barely dulled the pain and advanced our son to a zombie state of mind. (I must give a plug for a wonderful acupuncturist who was the first person to bring some relief to Brock: Michele Pouliot, L.Ac, in Auburn. I highly recommend Michele).

And then, Dr. Taglio. I will use the word “miracle.” Not in the sense that I believe that she performed a miracle herself, but in that through her approach, through her focused process and through much prayer by our family, Dr. Taglio pinpointed the issue and no exaggeration, transformed my son’s life in a 15-minute session. Yes, she was the instrument who worked the miracle.

It was not during Brock’s first session. I do not wish to mislead. We probably have had between 10-20 sessions with Hilary overall. I will say, during Brock’s first session, she spotted something immediately that no other physician had. She was able to see that something in Brock’s spine was badly misaligned. She took X-rays to “prove” it, and show us some things that she firmly believed were causing Brock’s physical issues. After that first night, Brock found some relief from pain, and he began to get a bit of optimism back. However, for the next few months, it was a roller coaster ride in every sense. Some relief and some progress, but then setbacks and return to intense pain and zombie-like condition.

On March 11, 2014, at approximately 6 pm, Dr. Taglio made a miraculous discovery in Brock that had been hiding itself. His skull had been nearly knocked off the atlas joint (excuse my chiropractic illiteracy) and she was able to work it back into place.

It is NO exaggeration to say that my son immediately transformed from his zombie state on March 11, 2014, and back into the person that we had known him to be prior to October 2013.

MIRACLE is extremely accurate and not an overstatement. We are extremely grateful for Dr. Taglio’s dedication to her profession, for her passion to utilize all of her skills and knowledge to restore hope to our son and our family.

While we have received great care from other healthcare professionals, Dr. Taglio has no equal.

(Let me note, that from the beginning, Dr. Taglio was very straight forward and was careful to point out that she could not guarantee any miraculous outcomes. She would only guarantee that she would do all in her power to discover and resolve the issues she could find. Even if that meant eventually recommending another path to take). “

-Todd H., (Brock’s Dad)

Being pregnant, all I dreamed of was having a NATURAL childbirth. My heart was set on it. However, there were certain things that worried me. One of them being the fact that I had previously suffered from severe sciatica and wanted to make sure it did not return during my pregnancy as many women often expressed and complained about this happening. Secondly, I was afraid of back labor. I had heard horror stories about the excruciating pain and discomfort that back labor alone caused. Coming to Dr. Taglio, I knew my priorities were her priorities. She wanted my natural birth for me, for all of the same reasons. She understood my concerns and was always very thorough in addressing all of my needs and answering all of my questions. When my sciatic pain began to surface again, she was very proactive in keeping it taken care of so that it did not get out of hand and cause me severe discomfort. She also had resources for me about back labor, which I would have never found otherwise. All of the help and advice she gave genuinely helped to prepare me for the joy and hard work birthing is. I am happy to share that I had my totally natural, perfect birth, and believe that my regular chiropractic care and the amazing work of Dr. Hilary played a huge role in that. I am so thankful I knew about the benefits of Chiropractic care before becoming pregnant so that I could prioritize this care during the months (even days!) leading up to my son’s birth. Thank you, Taglio Chiropractic, for your heart, detailed care and genuine love for your patients!

She’s a miracle worker and can pinpoint exactly what adjustment is needed to bring strength back to your joints and body instantly. I got into a car accident and my husband has fibromyalgia we have both seen so much physical improvement since being under her care.

– Audra C.

Dr. Taglio is wonderful and truly cares about the individuals she treats through her kind and thorough care. Our family has been seeing her for 5 years. For most of my adulthood, I thought headaches were just something that was a part of my life that I had to suffer through. After starting adjustments with Dr. Taglio, my headaches have been almost non-existent, and that’s just where we began. I had always been skeptical of chiropractic, but after seeing her and getting relief from chronic headaches, I was a believer! I also got relief from shoulder, neck & back pain, a knee problem & feet issues.

I also received prenatal chiropractic care from her for my last two pregnancies as well as post-partum, which has been fantastic as well. With my most recent baby, I had severe lower back/sacrum pain post-delivery. Upon seeing my updated X-rays, she knew exactly what I needed. Over the past couple of months, everything is much better and feeling back in place! 

 Through adjustments and following her advice on orthotics, stretches, and nutritional guidance, my health has never been better and has inspired me to follow my own career in wellness as a personal trainer and health coach.  

 A huge bonus is that Dr. Taglio’s office is kid-friendly and my children LOVE her and happily jump onto the table to be adjusted. Knowing that it is a place where we can go as a family will have us continuing for years to come. I cannot recommend her more. She is a wealth of knowledge in so many aspects of health and is a wonderful partner in my journey to being the healthiest me.

 – Amy S.

I have known Dr. Taglio for nearly 20 years and only recently did I take it upon myself to call and ask whether she might be able to check out a back injury that I received during a ski trip. She went out of her way to check me out, even though she was leaving on a medical missions trip to Guatemala the very next morning. When I arrived, the pain was so bad that I could barely walk and I had to lay down. After this initial adjustment, the pain began to dissipate and it was obvious that she knew right where to do the adjustment. The next day, it felt even better and by the end of the week, I could walk straight again with no pain! 

Dr. Taglio will do the same for you. Trust her to locate the source of the problem rapidly, with the unique Gonstead method that she has been trained in. She will educate you in all matters of wholistic health, including your toxicity levels and natural healing techniques that work much better than standard medicine. Dr. Taglio also takes her skills to third world countries where they do not have access to healing methods like these. She is truly passionate about what she does and improving all aspects of health in her clients.

– Clark A.

“My encounter with Dr. Taglio’s healing power, was through her chiropractic skills. I had chronic pain from shoulder to lower back and was taking pain killers daily, stopping into the Doctor’s office periodically for cortisone shots for the pain. I lived everyday in pain and it affected every aspect of our lives, mainly my career…General Contractor. It hurt me to drive, exercise, work and even sleep. I started seeing Dr. Taglio on a regular basis and immediately started getting relief. Now I am 100% pain free without any medications or shots. I still see Dr. Taglio periodically for maintenance, to stay on top of my “health.” But since the first visit with her, I have been completely changed.”

– Tim M., General Contractor

“In May of 2012 I was diagnosed by a gastroenterologist with having patches of Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis. He also told me I was going to be on medication long term. I took Dr.Taglio ‘s nutrition advice, along with receiving chiropractic care. I felt I needed to do this. I was tired of feeling horrible, tired, having a stomach ache all the time, major bloating and headaches. After only a few days of following it, I could feel major changes! I wasn’t bloated anymore, my stomach felt good! No pain and I had a ton of energy! I thought I was eating a decent diet before, but now have learned several things I was feeding my body before, that was causing continued inflammation! I strongly feel that chiropractic care and diet changes made it possible for me to be pain free, feel healthy, have energy and most importantly, not take any medication!!”

– Cherie N., RN, Kaiser Permanente

“I was in a car accident and have been going to Dr. Taglio for a few months now. She has greatly improved the range of motion in my neck and has over all made me feel so much better.  She is amazing!”

– Paloma M.

“For many years I suffered from chronic back pain, knee pain and migraines. My doctors only masked the problems with prescriptions. As a busy mom of two boys, I don’t have time for the pain or the medicines. I wanted a solution, not a “band-aid”. I had given up hope until a friend told me the results she had experienced from Dr. Taglio. This past summer, I visited Dr. Taglio for the first time and saw immediate results. She has been very thorough in addressing my issues and helping to fix the problems. I have now been migraine-free for over 6 months, my back pain is significantly reduced, and my knees are healing. I cannot thank Dr. Taglio enough for helping me see these amazing results!”

-Barri J., Mother of two boys and Boutique Shop Owner 

Hilary has performed miracles for our family. Like most of us, we sought out medical help with a few serious injuries. And while surgeons and doctors can do amazing things to repair our bodies when needed, our injuries were not the type that a doctor could see, such as a broken leg, or a failed heart valve. We are grateful for the compassionate doctors and nurses who attempted tirelessly to help us find and resolve our health issues. Unfortunately, we found no answers, not even short term. 

Hilary worked patiently with determination and a step by step prognosis, reaction/action result treatment that resulted in finding an issue with my son’s atlas bone that was causing all his pain, all his nausea and dizziness, and all his drowsiness. CT scans, MRI, and meds were unable to provide any answers and solutions, yet Hilary’s hard work and the thoughtful process resulted in our son experiencing normalcy again. 

Now, I would not be fair to the readers of this review to make this sound as if my son has been completely healed of his injuries. He still needs to be adjusted on a regular basis as his body and spine are still in the process of healing, and have been for a couple of years now. I do want to make it clear that because of Hilary’s work, we have seen and experienced amazing progress and are thrilled to see the continued progress in our son’s health.

Do not let things get to the point that we did in that we went to Hilary way too far along in our search for solutions to my son’s physical issues. He missed nearly half of his sophomore, junior, and senior years in high school while we sought out traditional medical attention. 

Hilary’s first and primary concern is your health and well being. She is not about creating a brand for herself. Although, with the great work that she is doing, and because her focus is on the patient, I have a feeling that Hilary will be making a big impact in our community with those who truly need help and are ready to improve their health. 

Hilary has guided us down a new path on how to take care of our bodies through exercise, better nutrition, and better lifestyle choices. 

We cannot thank her enough. 

– Todd H.

Our pediatrician loosely recommended that our baby have a helmet as an option, or his head could be asymmetrical without any problems. The helmet would need to be worn 23 hours per day for at least two months (during the hot summer), in order to catch the growth spurt. The recommendation was made later than usual, so there were no guarantees that we didn’t already miss the major growth spurts. Dr. Taglio offered us a better option through chiropractic therapies. After about 7 sessions, we were VERY happy with the results. She went above and beyond with accommodating our schedule and our baby’s specific needs. I am so happy we didn’t put our baby through helmet therapy when this was an option.

Highly recommended!!

– Jaime M. Curtis, DDS

“Dr. Taglio literally saved me from surgery. I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel and starting the process towards having surgery to repair it, but before I went that route I wanted to try and see if chiropractic would help. And it did! I have no more pain in my arms and hands for almost 6 months now! As part of my initial 12 weeks of care I began following her nutrition recommendations which got me into great shape, gave me a great wealth of knowledge about the food I eat and how to fuel my body (and I lost 15 lbs!) I couldn’t be any happier with the care that Dr. Taglio has provided me.”  

 -Andrea N., Mommy of 3 Boys

Dr. Hilary Taglio, is the best chiropractor. I was suffering from injuries since 2007, and I got in an accident in 2015 which aggravated the injury pain even more. I haven’t slept well since 2007, until I got treated by her, it was an amazing change. I have gone to multiple chiropractors and massage therapist, none of their treatment was equivalent to Dr. Hilary Taglio’s treatment. She is the best!!!!!

– Gurpreet T.

Terry’s  Story…

For nearly 2 years, I suffered from eczema on my fingers. The skin on my fingertips and joints would thicken, crack and peel. The new skin that was exposed was very tender and already showed signs of inflexibility, which would worsen until it thickened, cracked and peeled once again. This was the cycle I lived with constantly for many months. 

The skin in these areas was not producing oil, so I relied on various natural treatments to keep my skin from drying out completely. Even so, just extending my index finger could cause the skin over a joint to crack open and bleed. Touching things with my fingertips would feel like I was touching fire. It was very painful.

During this time, I couldn’t bear to get my hands wet. Carrying things was difficult, and handling paper was excruciating. I could get a paper cut just by reaching into the mailbox to retrieve a letter.

The situation was almost unbearable.

I consulted my doctor twice. His first solution was a topical steroid, which worked for a little while but resulted in thinning the skin, and as soon as I stopped using it, the eczema came back with a vengeance, only this time with thinner, more fragile skin. His second proposal was a biologic treatment that I wouldn’t even consider – the possible side-effects were unacceptable to me.

So then, after about 20 months of suffering, I learned about Dr. Taglio’s cellular detox program from a family member who was considering trying it. After doing a little research, I decided to try it, too.    

During the initial visit, Dr. Taglio set me up with supplements and spent a long, informative session explaining the program and baseline testing me for toxins and inflammation in my body. She also recommended a ketogenic diet for me that would help lower my inflammation and immune system response. 

Within the first week, I noticed a difference in my fingers. The cycle of skin thickening, cracking and peeling was still happening, but it slowed down. I started noticing small areas where the skin appeared to be healing. By the end of the first month, the skin on three fingers was nearly healed, the eczema cycle slowed or completely stopped. I still couldn’t immerse my hands in water or reach into the mailbox without flinching, but the situation was definitely improving! I also lost a few pounds, possibly because of the ketogenic diet.

The second month, all but my two thumbs were completely healed, and even my thumbs were vastly improved. I was not having to apply lotion all the time, because the skin was starting to produce oils again.

The only downside during the second and third months of the detox was the headaches. These were probably due to the toxins being released by the detoxification process. Dr. Taglio helped me to customize the program to minimize these symptoms, and I was able to tolerate what discomfort remained. Considering the improvement to my fingers, headaches were a problem I could bear for a short time.

At some point during the third month, I suddenly realized I had stopped worrying about my hands. One day, I was merrily washing dishes and scrubbing the sink when I realized what I was doing! I hadn’t even thought about putting on gloves or padding my fingers with gauze as I had in the past. My fingers were smooth, the skin resilient and unphased by hot water, dish soap, and sharp edges.

The program ended after 90 days, but I have stayed on the support supplements and the ketogenic, organic, grass-fed, raw dairy diet. When I stray from the diet (as I did during the Christmas holiday just after the detox had ended), I started to notice some dry patches on a couple of fingers. So I know I’m not out of the woods yet and must stay vigilant. I plan to have another round of the Brain Phase (just a 30-day detox) in a month or so. In addition, 

I believe the cellular detox program turned my eczema problem around and gave me back my life.

I am very grateful to Dr. Taglio for her knowledge, encouragement, kindness and positive spirit.

Dr Taglio is helping me regain my life! I have had 3 appointments (adjustments) and I cannot believe the difference it has already made in my day to day life.

I have been living in chronic pain with an inability to stand and/or walk very far unassisted or for an extended period of time… I was in pain 24/7 whether laying down, sitting etc… I had compression on my spinal nerves and extreme right hip and leg pain… Living with a constant silent intense throb of pain… as a mom of 4 I try to put on a “everything’s fine” face but after 2+ yrs I thought, this just might be my future….

Thanks to Dr Taglio she has brought relief, she has had success (thus far) in gradually working on correcting my spine, pelvic, leg alignment and is helping me stretch out everything that has become tight due to a sedentary lifestyle caused by medical conditions…

Thank you Dr Taglio, I am beyond hopeful. I believe people come into our lives for a reason and I am truly thankful you came into mine and I am optimistic that with your help and sharing of knowledge I will regain my active lifestyle and be able to run, workout, jump for joy and participate in life rather that watch from the sidelines… 

Thank you for listening to me and partnering with me! 

See you next week!

– Christine B.

I had chronic back pain for years and looked for relief from Chiropractic and Medical doctors, to which I was given pain pills or adjustments that didn’t work. 

One day, while I was taking a gym class, I was favoring my back and my instructor gave me the name of a different Chiropractor….Dr. Hilary Taglio. Now, my luck with Chiropractic wasn’t very rewarding, but I was given a promo card and I thought I didn’t have anything to lose.

I was very impressed by her professionalism and total concern about my pain. She took X-rays and I got to examine them right along with her. Her processes were fascinating while she studied my X-rays.

At first, she had me come in three times a week, which only lasted for a couple of weeks. As her adjustments her,  I only came in every few weeks for a checkup. Now, I am pain-free and I enjoy my love of travel without a constant backache.

I highly recommend Dr. Hilary for all who live with pain and have not found relief. 

-Linda G.

“Over Thanksgiving, I threw my lower back out and needed to be immediately seen. Dr. Hilary Taglio got me right in for an appointment and did a thorough examination including x-rays to determine the right course of action. After that first visit and adjustment, my back felt much better and I was relieved to know that I had such a wonderful chiropractor treating me and providing support and counsel. With continued adjustments and treatments over these past months, my back has never felt better. I continue to recommend Dr. Taglio to all my friends and family.”

-Gretchen S.

Dr. Taglio is knowledgeable, healing, sensitive, understanding, nonjudgmental, and most importantly, produces results from the inside out! My family and I have been working with her for years from chiropractic care to internal wellness as well as my body composition and have always gotten amazing results! My husband and I can’t thank her enough for her healing touch and nutritional knowledge and guidance! She is like no other chiropractor/coach you will ever meet! (Trust me we drive 1.5 hours for her!!)

-Tammie, Mother of 4

“I went to Dr. Taglio VERY apprehensively due to a bad experience with a chiropractor years ago. I have been suffering from psoriatic arthritis for 8 years. After seeing Dr. Taglio for adjustments and her nutritional recommendations, I am symptom-free. I had gone to numerous doctors (MD’s and DO’s) and all they did was prescribe cream after cream and steroid after steroid to treat the symptoms. Thousands of dollars have been wasted on special soaps, lotions, and medicines that did nothing. A few visits to Dr. Taglio have brought me back to living fully– pain-free and symptom-free!!! THANK YOU!”

– Jaimie C., Cured! Lincoln, CA

“I am a long time client of Dr. Taglio. Being an avid runner, I am very hard on my body. I wouldn’t be where I am at in my fitness career if it wasn’t for her knowledge and healing therapies. I highly recommend not only chiro. work, but Dr. Taglio.”

– Ashley Claxton, Hair design, Joseph Anthony Salon

“We have struggled with hyperactivity and discipline issues with Noah (6) for years, yet were reluctant to give him medicine. We knew there had to be a better way. After working with Dr. Taglio, and explaining my frustrations of coping with ADHD, she recommended simple changes to our diet and daily routine. We have noticed a world of difference in his behavior and well-being. We are so thankful for her guidance and expertise. Thank you again, Dr. Taglio, for helping our family.” 

-Tim and Barri J.

“Dr. Taglio changed my life as well as my family’s life in a matter of three months. My husband and I both followed her recommendations for diet, exercise, and chiropractic, which completely transformed our health and bodies. It not only changed our lives but the way I cook for our whole family. Her service, knowledge, and expertise have inspired so many people around me who have seen the results we have gained! If you are ready to make a change in your life call Dr. Taglio!” 

 -Jen R., Accounts Manager, Fuel Creative Group and Mother of two

“Dr. Taglio, has been my saving grace for over 5 years now, I go to her for all my needs, from improving my health & fitness performance to managing pain & fatigue. She has helped me get through many ups & downs, but most of all, she has helped me become a better woman, wife & mother. She is very well educated, dedicated & is so personable! If there is a health need in your life Dr. Taglio can certainly fulfill it!”

-Teresa B., Fitness Competitor, Stylist, and Mother of Two

“…I do not fight fatigue the way I did before, my psoriasis has significantly improved, I no longer suffer from heavy, painful periods, but enjoy almost no PMS symptoms, and I feel so healthy from the inside out.”

– Crystal C.

“Whole-body” approach, functional nutrition, strengthening the body and encouraging the healing process! Five out of Five stars. Plus Dr. Taglio is an awesome motivator towards a healthier body.

– Nicolas W.

After a car accident, I started seeing Dr. Taglio for back, neck and shoulder pain. I feel better now than I have in years because of her care. She knows just the right amount of pressure to use. I have hyper-mobility in most of my joints, and the other Chiropractors I’ve seen tend to over-correct the joint causing even more pain. I also appreciate her knowledge of advanced health care. She is amazing and now my Chiropractor for life.

– Linda W.

“Dr. Taglio is the most amazing healer, I can not recommend her services enough. She has helped my husband live pain-free which we thought only another surgery could do. Dr. Taglio put us on the right path, taught us, healed us and inspired us in so many ways…” 

 -Tammie M.

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